I'm currently working up a new version of the site, and expect to have it live [between some days to 2 weeks] (with some service interruption).
It will have a trimmed down feature-set at launch (distribution and key/captions) and all logins will need to be reset.


"Image keywording is definitely one of the most painful parts of the stock imagery trade. picWorkflow is worth it to me, if it will assist me in increasing my production. It'll give me just that little added "boost" or "oomph" I need to get more of my images keyworded and submitted each week."
"Thanks for the GREAT tool! I have absolutely nothing bad to say about picWorkFlow."
"This is a great replacement to iSyndica. I am looking forward to seeing what other features you will have."
"Very Good Job... I can see a lot of what I liked about iSyndica already!"
"Great start!!! I was very bummed when iSyndica went out of business. This is a super helpful service"
"First, let me say how much I have appreciated picWorkflow. When iSyndica went down, I was severely limited in submitting to all my sites. In fact, I stopped submitting to some of them because it was too much hassle to go through all the individual upload processes. So thank you. Overall, I really enjoy picWorkflow"
"iSyndica was a slow site. Yours is much faster"
"I'm uploading from Chiang Mai, Thailand where we endure very slow 'high speed' internet so your service will save me a ton of time and hassles"
"I have to say you have done an absolutely cracking job with the site. I was a big fan of iSyndica and I think your phoenix site is great."
"Thank you very much! It's great!"

Welcome to picWorkflow

picWorkflow Logo

picWorkflow provides image-management and distribution services for stock photographers. The goal is to do everything possible to help your photography business run smoothly and efficiently.

Upload your images, easily set and change their metadata, and sort them into groups for easier management. Distribute them safely to any pre-supported service or stock agency, or add your own custom destinations, then track their status so you'll always know who is storing, using, or selling your work on your behalf.

picWorkflow is a pay-as-you go service, there are no subscriptions, no contract tie-ins, no minimum or maximum usage. As a cloud-based service you can manage, store, process and distribute as many or as few images as you need for picWorkflow to help you and your business become a long-term, sustainable and rewarding success.

Action Cost
Distribution Free for first 100 uploads per month FREE
Per file (each 22mb block) 1c ($0.01)
Storage Each file free for 7 days FREE
Per file (each 22mb block) for 3 months 1c ($0.01)
Keywords Variable per image (you set the price) from 2.5c
Captions Title and description filled and validated 20c ($0.20)
Import FTP, Flash & Lightroom Plugin FREE
Promotion Tools to promote your portfolio FREE
Tracking Currently manual, automatic coming soon FREE
Statistics Check your portfolio topics/reach FREE

Register for 100 free credits trial and all accounts receive 100 free credits a month for free microstock distribution. By spreading the word about picWorkflow you can earn more free credits for your account. There is also a referral programme to earn paid credits (redeemable to paypal) which pays 20% of all paid credits spent by your referrals.

The 'Mission' of picWorkflow is to provide a high level of service for photographers, achieving these goals:
  • To make managing your portfolio, big or small, as simple as possible
  • To do whatever possible to increase your sales and market-relevance
  • To provide safe and secure storage for your images and their related data
  • To help make running a photography business on any scale easier than ever before

picWorkflow is owned and run by Bob Davies of picNiche.com, which has been offering research tools and browser toolbars to help both stock photographers and image buyers for over 2 years. He is a stock photographer and illustrator (mainly for microstock) with a modest portfolio of around 2000 images across 10 agencies. He is an experienced software engineer and workflow specialist, and has worked on many workflow-improvement projects for corporate clients big & small around the UK.

The tools offered by picWorkflow only start with the existing portfolio management and upload services, there are a variety of extra tools coming soon:
  • Full Statistics and Automated Image Location & Status Tracking
  • Portfolio Social Promotion Tools
  • Performance Analytics to Identify Ways to Improve your Sales
  • Workflow Streamlining Tools to Make Submissions Quicker, Easier, and More Accurate
  • Purchasable Captioning Processes
  • Portfolio Consultation, Image Review, and Selection/Guidance Tools

As a developing project, your feedback is critical to how picWorkflow changes and grows, if you want something it doesn't already have, please send your suggestions so the service can truly become what you need to make a success of your own photography business.