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Reach more stock photographers through picWorkflow

Interested in attracting stock photographers through picWorkflow. This page describes how advertising through picWorkflow works:

Why choose picWorkflow?

Get higher quality, and many more photos, illustrations and videos uploaded and submitted to your agency!

picWorkflow improves the quality of images by providing keywording and captioning, distribution, storage and various tools to a broad base of stock and commercial photographers. Sponsor us and you'll get more, and much better images, with more data about those images to help improve how you sell them.

We support uploads to over 50 stock photo agencies and handle thousands of images each month, adding value to each in the form of better quality metadata for search visibility, better quality images, oversight and control to photographers, and making data available to agencies to help you make better use of those images for your customer-base.

Who should sponsor picWorkflow?

Stock agencies, both traditional and microstock, and anyone working in the business of licensing, selling, distributing, or sharing images needing access to a large base of stock photographers. Previous sponsors have seen uploads increase by over 8000 images per month compared to the standard service.

picWorkflow Statistics: Core Service

  • Registered Accounts: 3400+
  • Active monthly users: 25% (summer) to 40% (jan/feb)
  • Processed monthly images: 11k (summer) to 18k (winter)
  • Processed monthly uploads: 50k (summer) to 85k (winter)

picWorkflow Statistics: General

  • Google PR: 3
  • Alexa rank: 217,178
  • Blog RSS Subscribers: 1444
  • Blog Email Subscribers: 900+
  • Daily Visits: 350-450
(Last Updated: June 2014)


On picWorkflow agencies are directly integrated into the photographer's distribution workflow:

Benefit Free Distribution Only Featured Top Sponsor
All image/video uploads to your agency free for photographers Yes Yes Yes
Access to our image-info API Yes Yes Yes
Detailed agency description/copy included on credentials page Yes Yes Yes
Listing at top of credentials page Below featured, above all others Second/third position First position
Listing at left-side of distribution page After featured, before all others Second/third position First position
Ad-spot (310x150px) at top of credentials page Rotated with any other free agencies 50% impressions 100% impressions
Bonus: Default search in image-buyer's tools used by 10,000+ buyers Depending on library suitability Guaranteed
Price/Mo (USD) $90 / month $175 / month SOLD OUT

Purchases of any level with pre-payment of 6 months or more will gain a 15% discount.

Where will my ads/agency be placed?

I've put together a basic image of the locations your creative and agency will be presented to photographers here

How to pay? Have a question?

Contact me at to let me know which option you would like along with your official email address and I will issue a Paypal invoice which can be paid from Paypal balance or credit/debit card.

You must have a picWorkflow account registered with an email address at the same primary domain (like to claim administration to monitor your uploads/usage of your destination(s).