picWorkflow API Sample Usage Code

Accessing the picWorkflow keywording API from any programming language is simple.
The API is REST-based and will notify your service of completion of each task at the moment it completes via a callback url on your server.
It can be accessed statefully or statelessly and provides all the information you need to perform your own actions against your image files and database in the call-responses.
All API functions return JSON data and are accessed via:
There are 3 functions relevant to the keywording service, though only 'uploadfile' is necessary:
uploadfile Receives then imports and purchases keywording for your image
[file] Your image jpeg file (>0.16mp)
numkeywords the number of keywords (5-50)
peritemcost the payment per keyword (0.5-3)
keyword set to true or omit
caption set to true or omit
import set to true
email for stateless login
password for stateless login
ismd5 enables login using safe passhash
signature send if using stateful login
username send if using stateful login
notifyurl the url called on completion
getmetadata Retrieves your image metadata
tokens fileids you want the metadata for
email for stateless login
password for stateless login
ismd5 enables login using safe passhash
signature send if using stateful login
getsignature Allows for stateful login
email for login
password for login
ismd5 enables login using safe passhash
Contact me for technical help, or with questions or suggestions for improvements to the service. Thanks :)

Photo Keywording API for image-sellers, and service resellers

Do you process images? Do you sell images? Well...

Better Keywords, Better Titles... More Sales!

As we all know, with the huge number of images online, if you really want to compete effectively, you need image-buyers to find your photos or illustrations, you need good metadata...

keyword service

The picWorkflow Image Keywording API is a simple and affordable way to apply relevant and high-quality keywords and captions to your images. Whether you're working on the web or on the desktop, it can work within your existing software or platform to present an automated appearance to the human process of keywording, saving you time and bringing you more income from your images.

The API can easily be added to your existing library and you can route as many or as few images as you like to the system. You choose how much you want to pay and how many keywords you want.

Keywording for Stock Photo Agencies and other Image-Sellers

You can import your existing library of images into picWorkflow (you only need to upload preview sizes) and picWorkflow operators will remove, translate or alter your existing keywords quickly.

Import as many or as few images as you like, you don't have to commit to a large contract or ongoing service-agreement. If you just want to improve a batch of image's keywords, then monitor them to see how the changes affect their income, that's simple to do.

Because payment is based on actual interactions (removal or addition of keywords) you can use the system to audit existing image keywords, and only be charged for those which are removed or added to make up your desired amount.

Keywording for Retouchers and Resellers

Your clients want good keywords and titles for their images, and they want a good price. With picWorkflow you can easily resell the keywording service as your own (direct reseller rules) or sell it as a part of your existing retouching bundle.

Photographers and illustrators alike really hate keywording their images, it's usually a time-consuming and boring process. picWorkflow operators will perform this service for you!

How to use the API?

Linking the keywording API to your system is easy

  1. Register an account with picWorkflow
  2. Download the sample code (or ask your developers)
  3. Charge your account with funds
  4. Send images...