Keywording Details

Keywording tasks on picWorkflow are charged per keyword, per image.

FREE credits for distribution are awarded when keywording of your image is completed. 1 free credit is added to your balance for each destination configured on your account (upto maximum of 50% of the keywording cost).

There is no time limit on keywording tasks, although most will be completed quickly, some may take longer. This may be interpreted as a hint that maybe that image has enough (or does not have a clear subject) so you may wish to claim a refund for the uncompleted work if you have to wait a long time by closing keywording early.

If you choose to pay more per-keyword, your image thumbnails will be presented for keywording to the keyworders with the highest ranking on picWorkflow first.

You can assign videos or other types for keywording, although you should ensure your JPEG preview accurately represents the media content as this is all the keyworders can see.

Keywords are currently available only in English.

Want to be a keyworder?

Keyworders are crowd-sourced and 90% goes to the keyworder. Those who perform best will earn more, and keywording activity is tracked and allows for promotion to other job-types and more earning opportunities in future.
Anyone with keywording experience can apply to be a keyworder by sending an email describing what would make you a good keyworder to

Stock Photo Keywording in just 3 clicks with picWorkflow

You can now purchase keywording services through picWorkflow to keyword your images before distribution.

The process is simple: you set how many keywords you want an image to have, and how much you want to pay per keyword. The price range is between 0.5 cents and 2 cents per keyword, which at 40 keywords makes between 20 cents and 80 cents per image.

Wondering how long photo keywording takes?

Purchasing keywords will also award free credits for FREE microstock distribution to your account at a rate of 1 free credit (upload of a file of 22mb or less) for each destination configured on your account (upto 50% of the actual keywording cost). For the vast majority of images this means completely free distribution for keyworded images. These free credits are automatically credited to your account when the keywording task is completed.

Order Photo Keywords ScreenshotQuality is built into the system so if you choose to pay more than the default, your images are displayed to the best-performing keyworders first, if you choose to pay less, your images will stay in the keywording queue until a keyworder who wants to earn what you are paying chooses to pickup your task. This way, whatever the price-point you’re able to pay, the picWorkflow keywording service will work for you.

You can task many images at once, and even audit your existing keywords (you will then only be charged for keywords which are removed or changed and the remainder is refunded). You can also set your target agencies for a file whilst it’s awaiting keywording, and the uploads will be completed once keywords have been applied, making it super-quick to go from your local images, to available-for-sale faster than ever before :)

This video shows how to order keywords, and how to review them once purchased:

There are other similar services coming soon too such as pre-review and destination suggestions, keyword prioritisation and perhaps controlled-vocabulary disambiguation too. I also intend to add retouching/processing services once I find a good partner to fulfil the work.

I’m aiming to make the process of going from camera-to-marketplace as quick as possible for stock photographers.